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Solid Carbon Filters

Filter out the taste & smell of Chlorine in your drinking & food preparation water

What We Do

The Housing

We will install a high quality 10" filter housing with Solid Carbon Block Filter to the wall at the back of the kitchen cupboard under the sink. water filters under sink water filter christchurch

All Parts Supplied

Filters come with mounting brackets, screws, spanner for changing filter, brass fittings, high pressure PEX core water connector hose, ball valve (if required).


Solid Carbon Block filters are the most efficient way to remove the taste & smell of Chlorine out of water. They also remove Sediment, Crytosporidium, & Giardia with little reduction in water pressure at the tap.
Installation takes less than an hour. Water Filters in Christchurch

We also do Shower Filters

Can be fitted to Wall mount or Slider

The MK - 808 is the only Shower Filter to include Magnetic Wave for an Energized Experience!

The ANISOTROPIC FERRITE MAGNET in the MK - 808 creates a softer, more energized shower "feel" & improve both lathering & sudsing. Unlike other dechlorinating shower filters, MK - 808 is specifically engineered for efficiency & performance. It's unique multi-filtration design provides the best shower experiance for you & your family.

Slider Shower Head

Wall Mounted Shower Head

Do You.......

Make Home Brew?

Have you got your favorite brew tasting just the way you like it? 

Have Tropical or Gold Fish?

Water quality in your aquarium is very important to your fish's health.

Need Chlorine out of your water?

The only way for you to keep making that great brew & for your fish to be happy is to filter your water with Carbon Filters.

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